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General Principles
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1. What is Meta Shield property insurance?

Like other types of insurance, property insurance helps you to recover from damage when an accident occurs. Since it is not always possible to restore the property to its original state, what property insurance is concerned with is the value of the property.

Thus, property insurance is insurance for the value of the property in the event of the occurrence of risks of damage, loss…, reducing or losing the value of the property, causing damage to the insured. dangerous.

2. Purpose of property insurance

The purpose of property insurance is to help Owner prevent unexpected risks that may occur in the future that we cannot predict in advance in order to limit losses, protect for stabilize the life of the insured.

When the occurrence of perils or incidents covered by insurance, the Meta Shield must perform the obligation to indemnify the insured according to the items set out in the insurance contract.

Depending on the level of insurance you join, the compensation can be up to the total value of your damaged property. This partly helps you to share the financial burden and the pressures you have to face and can rest assured to focus on overcoming the consequences after a mishap occurs.

3. The main features of a property insurance contract are

Agreement of the parties in a contract associated with random events of chance. Insurance against risk does not insure certainty.
The performance of an insurance contract is the settlement of the consequences of a risk agreed in advance in the insurance contract.
When entering into an insurance contract, the parties cannot know for sure, exactly about the insured event will occur, the consequences cannot be determined in advance.
The determination of Meta Shield’s liability depends on the occurrence or not of random events of a random nature.

4. What is a property insurance policy?

A property insurance contract is a written agreement between the policyholder and the insurer, in Meta Shield the contract is defined by the ownership of the NFT that we issue.

Accordingly, Meta Shield is required to pay the NFT Holder’s insurance in the event of a risk to the insured property.

5. What is the subject of property insurance of the Meta Shield project?

In Meta Shield Community, the insured property must be legal, marketable property. The property in property insurance must exist at the time of entering into the contract.

The policyholder needs to prove that the property to be insured exists, otherwise an insurance relationship cannot be formed.

Assets must be quantifiable. That is, the property can calculate its value to determine the insured value.

Anything owned can be subject to property insurance. Depending on the size of the project, the object of property insurance will be:

  • PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Those are the things you use every day: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, etc.
  • MOTORCYCLE AND CAR: You will be covered with costs when at risk with bigger things like motorbikes and cars, the amount of support is determined by the Meta Shield community.
  • YOUR OWN HEALTH: Your health will also be protected by the Meta Shield community.

6. Grounds for compensation

  • Compensation is the most important obligation of the Meta Shield community
  • The amount of compensation that Meta Shield must pay to the insured is determined on the basis of the market price of the insured property at the time damages.
  • The compensation for property insurance participants will be based on two main factors, namely the conclusion of the cause and the extent of the damage, which are inspected by the supervisor, thereby determining whether the insured event falls within the terms of the contract.
  • Based on the market price of the asset at the time, where the loss occurred.
  • Based on the actual extent of damage occurring and the time the insured event takes place. The extent of damage used as a basis for determining loss when indemnifying is the extent of damage at the place and time of occurrence of the insured event.
  • This is followed by the amount of compensation that does not exceed the property insurance premium you pay, subject to other requirements arising in the policy.

7. Expertise the damage

Damage assessment after the insured event will determine the cause and extent of the loss, thereby proposing a compensation plan and a reasonable payment amount.
If Meta Shield and Owners disagree, a referendum can be done through the Meta Shield Community.
Note, Meta Shield Community’s assessment conclusions will ultimately be mandatory to comply with. 

  • When a risk occurs, Meta Shiels and Community will perform a loss assessment to determine the cause and extent of the loss.
  • Damage value is the basis of compensation for property insurance.
  • For the purposes of property insurance indemnification, the value of property damage must be determined honestly, based on the market value of the property at the time the risk occurred and the extent of the damage reality.

8. Form of compensation

In a property insurance relationship, the purpose of property insurance is to restore the original condition of the property or to compensate the insured for loss. Compensation is the use of funds by the Meta Shield community for the purpose of returning to owners what they have lost due to the loss of assets when at risk.

  • Repair of damaged property.
  • Replace damaged property with another property.
  • Payment of compensation.

9. Meta Shield Compensation Process:

  • Step 1: Send Email us to let us know your request (1 day)
  • Step 2: Pack your property and send it to us (if it’s a physical asset like a phone, laptop…), send all relevant documents if it’s another risk issue ( 4-6 days)
  • Step 3: We do due diligence, then consult with Meta Shield community (2-3 days)
  • Step 4: Get partial support for your new assets or costs from Meta Shield.

10. Anti-cheat

Meta Shield’s property insurance model is a type of insurance whereby the community collects the Owner’s premium (the main premium is the NFT you own) and commits to indemnify the Owner When the insured property encounters risks within the insurance coverage leading to loss.

With the above concepts, the Meta Shield community’s activities are carried out on the basis of accepting the risks of the Owners in return they are entitled to collect certain fees from the policyholders. Owning Meta Shield’s NFT means that Meta Shield will be liable to you in the event of an accident.

This is a factor to prove that the relationship between Meta Shield and the community is bilateral in nature, your rights are also our obligations and vice versa.In the above relationship, the parties aim to cooperate with each other to achieve certain benefits and develop a sustainable community.

In order to establish this sustainable, supportive community, NFT and Meta Shield Owners must abide by the commitment: Not to intentionally engage in actions that may cause damage to the partners. Thus, acts of deception aimed at causing damage to the other party in order to obtain certain financial benefits in the insurance relationship, we can consider illegal profit-making.

According to Meta Shield’s regulations, “Insurance fraud is an intentional act of deception in order to gain illicit profits when participating in the community, strive to obtain financial benefits to which you should not be entitled, or to benefit greater than the financial benefits to which you are entitled”. 

11. Our commitment

Meta Shield aims at sustainable development and always has commitments:

In order to develop a sustainable community, we must work seriously, transparently and responsibly to comply with all applicable guidelines and ensure that members are aware of their best interests.

We always uphold the highest standards of fairness, honesty and integrity. This helps us gain the trust of the community and protects our reputation.
As a result, we can be extremely proud of the way we work and contribute to the community, and all Meta Shield members are required to adhere to these standards.
Community members serve as the foundation in all activities. We ensure that our diversity policies provide fair treatment for all members, and we work towards the highest, socially recognized standards of fairness, honesty and integrity.

  • Adhere to the Ethical Standards: All Members receive the highest respect for participating in the Meta Shield community. Meta Shield requires everyone to be governed by the Code of Ethics and to comply fully with these terms. Every member of Meta Shield is required to enforce all policies, guidelines and rules adopted by the Meta Shield Community. Only a firm commitment to the highest ethical standards and integrity will ensure we maintain our community.
  • Sustainable community development: This is the foundation for Meta Shield to build its operating apparatus, thereby creating not only positive and development impacts on the community, but also creating sustainable values for the government. Meta Shield. Therefore, Meta Shield has always determined that investing in sustainable development will be a decisive factor in the existence of the community.

12. Meta Shield Community Guidelines:

Meta Shield is a Blockchain-based Personal Property Insurance delivery platform. The platform has thousands of users around the world. However, Meta Shield is also a community where users can exchange opinions, ideas and many other aspects. Like many other social networks, Meta Shield is a frequent site of arguments, most of which are polite and calm.

Why we publish community guidelines:

More than ever, Meta Shield is a community of NFT enthusiasts. Connecting thousands of people around the world and of course, some users sometimes abuse the community aspects.

Some people do it with malicious intent, but usually, they do it because they don’t know that the community has rules. For this reason, we have developed this detailed guide to help maintain a healthy and productive community for all.

The purpose of the principles:

Safety: We aim to ensure the safety and well-being of all Meta Shield members.

Respect: Meta Shield is for everyone and everyone deserves respect. Following the guidelines will allow us to ensure that the value of our Members is not compromised.

  • Personal information:
    Never share your personal information on Meta Shield and do not encourage others to do so.
  • Topics to Avoid: Do not discuss, mention or share any content related to the following:
    – Suicide and self-injury
    – Child sexual exploitation, abuse and nudity
    – Bullying and harassment
    – Violence and incitement:
    Meta Shield members must never act in a violent manner or encourage violent behavior, directly or indirectly. This includes, but is not limited to: the use of profanity, profanity, profanity, abuse, fraud or solicitation.
    – Infuriating: Meta Shield members must not intentionally incite conflict, provoke or intentionally offend other users. All discussions should be polite and to the point.
    – Deception and impersonation: Never misrepresent yourself by using the Meta Shield logo or any other branding in your avatar or post.
    – Fake News: Do not share/spread false information, unverified information and rumors.
    – Spam: Do not use collusion or manipulation practices and avoid transferring false information to disrupt the community or post the same information multiple times on different posts.
  • Recommended things:
    – Constructive: Please be polite and respectful of other people’s opinions, comments or dealings – even if these opinions don’t align with your own. You are encouraged to share your thoughts and feedback, but please respect them and do not disturb anyone.
    – Encourage discussion: We encourage you to discuss and pitch opinions, strategies and market events as they unfold.
    – Discuss relevant content: Ask questions if you’re not sure, but keep the discussion on track and make sure you’re putting the information in the right place. Don’t interrupt other people’s conversations with irrelevant or personal posts.
    – Don’t be shy if you’re just starting out: Ask questions and ask about events if you’re not sure what they mean or the expected outcome people are forecasting and why.
  • Contact Meta Shield: You can contact Meta Shield at any time if you have any questions or need support, via chat or by email.      

Meta Shield Team