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Nycticebus is a Collection of 2000 NFTs randomly generated on the Ethereum blockchain. Our goal is to build the largest personal insurance platform in Metaverse. When things go wrong, 1 Nycticebus NFT gives you great support in the physical world. In our opinion, careing is worth more than money. And Nycticebus NFT is the basis for us to connect and help each other in Meta Shield Community.

Information about the mascot

The little loris (scientific name: Nycticebus pygmaeus) is a species of loris in the subfamily Curry. This primate lives in subtropical and tropical dry broadleaf forest areas in Vietnam, Laos, China and Cambodia. About 72,000 live in the wild and about 200 are in captivity.
Length: 20 – 23 cm (Adult, Head to base of tail)
Lifespan: 20 years
Set (ordo): Primate
Genus: Nycticebus
Gender (regnum): Animalia
Family (familia): Lorisidae
Superordo: Euarchontoglires
The Dwarf Cu Li lives mainly in green forests of primary or secondary forests. Their food is insects, beetles, fruit, leaves, eggs and young birds in the nest… They live in all forest habitats, including bamboo forests, shrub hills and hills… As nocturnal animals, during the day they curl up and sleep in the bushes. They are mainly active at night, in the open forest, on the stumps, bushes along the forest, on the upland fields.
The distinguishing feature of this lovely little monkey is its soft, tawny brown fur interspersed with a few silver-white hairs. There is a white spot along the bridge of the nose. There is a crimson stain along the back. Silvery white belly. An adult Nycticebus pygmaeus is only 19 – 23 cm, weighing from 377 grams to 450 grams.
The reproductive organs of Cu Li Slow Dwarf fully develop when the female is 16 months, the male is 18 months. Their gestation period usually lasts from 184 to 200 days. When he was a child, the Slow Cu Li would cling to his mother’s belly. After six months, they will wean.
In Vietnam, the small loris is on the list of plants and animals that are strictly prohibited from being exploited and used for commercial purposes.

Source: Wikipedia


2000 NFT Nictycebus

8 parts of the body

40 Traits

Rarity: 5.3 – 34.95%