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About US

Meta Shield is a pioneer NFT project in the field of Personal Property Insurance for owners. We build products and solutions to limit risks for the Meta Shield community in particular and the NFT community in general.

Vision and mission:
Meta Shield is a combination of 2 words Meta (referring to the large space of NFT) and Shield (meaning Protective Shield for the owner). The name Meta Shield represents our aspiration and vision of being an ecosystem of development utilities for Web3 in the future. Each value that we create is the result of deep research, grasping the root of technology, thereby creating differences for the project.
When researching the NFT market, we realized that there is a need to integrate more utilities and value for owners. NFT isn’t just for collecting and investing, it needs to be worth interacting with the physical world.
Meta Shield’s mission is to elevate the value of NFT by creating products that are convenient, easy to use, and accessible to a wide audience of creators and collectors.

Operation Motto:
Constantly working to develop the community, researching solutions to bring efficiency and high applicability of NFT is a top priority at Meta Shield. We are proud to own a young team full of passion for Blockchain and entrepreneurship, we believe that NFT and Web3 will be the future when everything in the physical world is digitized.

We have 3 founders, along with You.

◈ ─── OUR TEAM ─── ◈

Mackenzie Sol

He is an American Singer, Musician, and Tiktoker. He studied at Stagecoach Theater Arts and competed on Open Mic UK as a finalist. He voices the character P.U.P in the Netflix movie pupstar2. Currently, he owns a Tiktok channel with 12 million followers, Instagram with nearly 700 thousand followers. And a lot of his information that you can search on Google. In particular, he was fascinated by the Nycticebus NFTs and accompanied us on this project.


He is a magician, if you are a member of the world magic community, you may have heard of Smagic productions, a brand of his. He is also an insurance trader and has a passion for Cryptocurrencies. That is also the reason for him to create the NFT platform combined with Personal Insurance in the physical world – Meta Shield.


He’s a Discord Community Manager expert, a smart, humble and hard-working man. He’s a Discord Community Manager expert, a smart, humble and hard-working man. We are happy to have him here. Meta Shield Team.